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For 100 years the Ontario Chamber of Commerce (OCC) has remained a strong advocate for Ontario businesses. As a membership organization, our lobby efforts are informed by local chambers of commerce, boards of trade and businesses of every size, in every sector who collectively make the most relevant and influential network in the province – 60,000 strong.

We welcome you to learn more about the OCC, how you can join this powerful network and what key policy issues are impacting Ontario’s business community. The current President is Rocco Rossi.

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The Canadian Chamber of Commerce

Canadian Chamber of Commerce





The Canadian Chamber is the most influential business association in Canada – the national leader of public policy advocacy on national and international business issue and is focused on fostering a strong, competitive economic environment that benefits Canada and improves the standard of living of all Canadians.

Perrin Beatty The current President is Perrin Beatty.

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