Group Insurance Plan

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The Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plan® was created to meet the needs of small businesses who historically found it difficult to provide group benefits for their employees.

Even today, after 35 years, there are still few alternatives for the small business owner and worker. The Chambers Plan is the largest plan of its kind in Canada covering over 30,000 firms from coast to coast.The Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plan® offers comprehensive coverage for firms of all sizes – even a single employee or business owner.

  • Comprehensive Coverage
  • Competitively Priced
  • Available even if you have only a single employee

The local insurance representatives, Don Sweatman and Stacey Minard, can explain the benefits of the plan. You can reach him by email or phone for a no-obligation review.



Don Sweatman: 519-376-5350 ext. 310 or at

Stacey Minard:  519-376-5350 ext. 328 or at

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