Statutory Holiday Survey

There has been recent interest in Owen Sound to explore a by-law under the Retail Business Holiday Act to permit businesses with the option to be open on Statutory Holidays.  Presently there are a few exceptions for a select group of small businesses to this Act including pharmacies, nurseries, gasoline stations, etc. The by-law would significantly expand the types of businesses particularly as it relates to the tourism sector.

The purpose of this survey is to determine the level of interest in pursuing such a by-law as it requires significant time and effort by the City to engage in the process with the Province to allow a by-law permitting businesses to be open on Statutory Holidays.

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Are you a business located in Owen Sound?
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Are you interested in a City by-law under the Retail Business Holidays Act that would permit retail businesses the option to be open on Statutory Holidays?
Which Statutory Holiday would you support retail businesses having the option to be open? (check as many as you support)




Thank you for taking the survey.  Results will be shared with the City and available on the Chamber website by April 23rd, 2018.